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Jakie lekcje wynosimy z ostatniego roku z COVID?

Artykuł Harariego do Financial Times. Jakie lekcje wynosimy z ostatniego roku z COVID? W moją głowę i serce uderza m.in. fragment o altruizmie, bez którego nie zachowamy bezpieczeństwa czy też o tym, jak ważny jest teraz dla nas świat wirtualny… ale jest jeszcze wiele innych ważnych wątkow. Wybrane poniżej. Polecam do przeczytania całość. Dostępny za free. „It is sad to see that many fail to understand a simple fact about this pandemic: as long as the virus continues to spread anywhere, no country can feel truly safe. Suppose Israel or the UK succeeds in eradicating the virus within its own borders, but the virus continues to spread among hundreds of millions of people in India, Brazil or South Africa. A new mutation in some remote Brazilian town might make the vaccine ineffective, and result in a new wave of infection.In the present emergency, appeals to mere altruism will probably not override national interests. However, in the present emergency, global co-operation isn’t altruism. It is essential for ensuring the national interest.”(…)„Arguments about what happened in 2020 will reverberate for many years. But people of all political camps should agree on at least three main lessons.First, we need to safeguard our digital infrastructure. It has been our salvation during this pandemic, but it could soon be the source of an even worse disaster.Second, each country should invest more in its public health system. This seems self-evident, but politicians and voters sometimes succeed in ignoring the most obvious lesson.Third, we should establish a powerful global system to monitor and prevent pandemics. In the age-old war between humans and pathogens, the frontline passes through the body of each and every human being. If this line is breached anywhere on the planet, it puts all of us in danger. Even the richest people in the most developed countries have a personal interest to protect the poorest people in the least developed countries. If a new virus jumps from a bat to a human in a poor village in some remote jungle, within a few days that virus can take a walk down Wall Street.” Cały artykuł znajdziecie tutaj: https://www.ft.com/content/f1b30f2c-84aa-4595-84f2-7816796d6841?fbclid=IwAR1JMfQ9CNRKLn1gA-zbD1GbyZvZTEhJC37zS2sKwBAf4Ub8qnsDCY6nRgk